Maciek Jakóbczyk

Welcome to my diploma website

On this website, you can learn about my diploma project and thesis, made during my studies in New Media Arts at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.


The practical part of my diploma is a project of visual identity, website and a book for the project IF – Social Design for Sustainable Cities.


In my diploma dissertation I investigate how type design contributes to social activism in XXI century. In particular, I focus on typefaces designed for contemporary social movements.


In addition to the main diploma project, I designed a display variable typeface that could be used in visual materials dedicated to environmentalism, veganism, nature etc.


Dr Jan Piechota

Art / Main supervisor

Maciej Połczyński

IT / Type Design supervisor

Dr Piotr Rypson

Thesis supervisor

Klaudiusz Ślusarczyk

Language supervisor